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QUESTION: The pistil is the reproductive organ of what? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: A flower ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What is the white of an egg called? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Albumen ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which fashion items does Jimmy Choo design? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Shoes ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What two ingredients make the dish 'angels on horseback'? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Oysters - wrapped in Bacon ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: The Rockets Basketball Team & The Astros Baseball Team Both Hail From Which US City? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Houston ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Who said "This game is about beating the crap out of everyone"? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Bears Quarterback, Jim McMahon ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Precocious Brats 2000 Hit 'Big Girl' Featured Which Comedy Duo? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Kevin & Perry ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: In Which Comedy Film Does Aretha Franklin, Star As A Proprietress Of A Soul Food Joint Sing Her 1968 Hit Think? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: The Blues Brothers ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What Is The Alloy Pewter Made From? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Lead & Tin ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Who Was The 3rd Man To Set Foot On The Moon? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Pete Conrad ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Into what sea does the Mackenzie river flow? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Beaufort ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: what's the largest artery in the human body? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: the aorta ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: With Their Album 'That Compact Disc By' Who Are Crofts, Harry And Williams? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Oceanic ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: what is the common name for cercis canadensis, the state tree of Oklahoma? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Redbud ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What Persons Name Links The Singers:- Joss Stone, Dionne Warwick, Lily Allen? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Alfie ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Who Became President Of The US In 1929, The Year Of The Wall Street Crash? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Herbert Hoover ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which English king reigned the longest? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: George 3rd ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which culinary term, popular in the late 80's means 'New Cooking'? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Nouvelle Cuisine ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which 2 Islands Are The Natural Habitat Of The Orang-Utan? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Borneo & Sumatra ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: In Minnesota it is illegal to tease what animal? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Skunk ↔◊↔◊↔

Webmaster Hi! My name is Jane and I am the webmaster of Trivia Quiz Generator.

I have always been interested in learning new (and usually useless) facts and testing my knowledge in the form of trivia games and quizzes. Abashedly, this curiosity has sometimes lead me to becoming distracted for hours while I surf some of the numerous trivia sites that can be found on the Net.

Fortunately, with my profession being in the IT field, I have sometimes been privileged with the opportunity of creating computer trivia products both on and off the Net. Naturally, as I am sure you suspected, this hobby of mine has also resulted in the creation of this site.

So, what exactly is this site about you ask? Well even though there are various resources on this site of interest to all trivia buffs, its primary purpose is to provide a space for those that want to create trivia quizzes on the fly. Simply input your requirements, click a button and voila, you have a quiz that you can print off with your printer. Just rinse and repeat as necessary and you will have a different quiz with each click.

As for the future, I plan to continue adding to the site at every available opportunity and optimistically the strategy is eventually to offer the biggest database of free trivia questions on the Net.

To close, I would just like to thank you for stopping by. It is my sincere hope that you will find this site of benefit and have as much fun using the quizzes that you generate from it as I did while creating it.

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