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QUESTION: What Is The name Of The Street Where The Café Is Located In Eastenders? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Bridge Street ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Who became The Narrator Of Thomas The Tank Engine In The Usa? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Alec Baldwin ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: By What Name Are Chicago Transit Authority Better Known? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Chicago ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: In Which Us State Is Augusta Golf Course? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Georgia ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What Name Is Given To The Nest Of An Eagle? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Eyrie ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: In What Sport Might You Encounter A Move Called "The Crucifix"? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Gymnastics (Men) ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What Is The Name Of The Daughter Of Bill & Hillary Clinton? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Chelsea ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: what does the acronym vsop stand for in regard to wines etc? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: very superior/special old pale ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: On Which Racecourse Is The Derby Run? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Epsom ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Judo & Aikido Are Derived From Which Other Martial Art? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Ju-Jitsu ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What aid to archaeologists, from 197 B.C., was found in Egypt 1799? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Rosetta Stone ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which high-ranking German official was tried in his absence at the Nuremberg Trials and sentenced to death. He was never ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Martin Borman ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Ex Member Of Televsion Fronted The Voidroids? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Richard Hell ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which English playwright and poet was stabbed in uncertain circumstances in 1593 age 29 (he penned the line 'Come live w ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Christopher Marlowe ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What Was The Name Of The Boy Who Owned Winnie The Pooh? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Christopher Robin ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Girl Group Had Hits With 'Give It Up, Turn It Loose, Whatta Man , & Don't Let Go Love'? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: En Vogue ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Suitable Named Cars Single Re-Entered The Charts In 1985 Reaching No.4? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Drive ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: George, the boy's name means what? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Farmer ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Advertisements For Clocks & Watches Normally Always Depict Which Time? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: 10 To 2 Or 10 Past 2 (Smiling Face) ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: In Which Sport Is The Lonsdale Belt Awarded? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Boxing ↔◊↔◊↔

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