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QUESTION: Who played the Ringo Kid in the original Stagecoach film? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: John Wayne ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Eurovision:- What Was The Name Of The Group That Embarrsingly Earned England Nil Pwah In 2003? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Jemini ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Beatle Divorced His Wife Cynthia In 1968? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: John Lennon ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Into Which Sea Does The River Danube Flow? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Black Sea ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Saxophonist Was Known As Bird? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Charlie Parker ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Nation Won The Gold Medal In The Association Football Event At The 1964 Tokyo Games & Again In Mexico City In 1968 ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Hungary ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Who had his first UK top 10 single in ten years in 2004 with Irish Blood, English Heart? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Morrissey ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Italian Designer Born In 1890, Liked To Shock & Amuse With Her Creations Which Included Hats In The Shape Of Ice C ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Elsa Schiaparelli ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: In which book of the Bible are the Ten Commandments first mentioned? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Exodus ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What Does P & O Actually Stand For? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Peninsular And Orient ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Instrument Connects Glen Miller & Tommy Dorsey? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Trombone ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Authority Runs The Lighthouses Around Britains Coastline? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Trinity House ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Cyclist Won Great Britains First Gold Medal At The 2000 Sydney Olympics? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Jason Queally ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Who wrote the 'Beau Geste'? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: P.C. Wren ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What Was The Jams Town Called? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Malice ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: In Computing And Hi_Tech Gadetry What Doe The Initials WAP Stand For? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Wireless Access Point ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What is Canada's official National Summer Sport, is it (Hockey, Lacrosse or Rugby)? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Lacrosse ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What is the correct way to address the Pope? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Your Holiness ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Car Was First Patented In 1909? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Model T Ford ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Who was Ringo's first wife? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Maureen Cox ↔◊↔◊↔

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