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QUESTION: The Lover Speak's Only Chart Entry Was Later Covered By Annie Lennox . What Was It Called? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: No More I Love You's ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Shane Fenton is better known as? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Alvin Stardust ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: How many times did Red Rum win the Irish Grand National? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: None ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Poor Me Topped The charts For Which Uk Artists In The 1960's? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Adam Faith ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Number One Hit For Boyzone Was Written By Andrew Lloyd Webber? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: No Matter What ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What do Willie Brant, Lech Walesa and Yasser Arafat have in common? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Nobel Peace Prize ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Breakfast at Tiffanies - famous film - who wrote the book? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Truman Capote ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Can you give me the two former names of the modern Turkish capital of Istanbul? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: "Constantinople, Byzantium" ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What Is The common Name For Acetic Acid? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Vinegar ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: 50% of 17 year old Americans can't do what according to The 700 Club? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Read ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What is phonetic alphabet word for U? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Uniform ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What Do The Initals A.I.D.S. Stand For? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Is The Emblem On An England Rugby Union Shirt A Lion A Crown Or A Rose? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: A Rose ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What does the first `A` stand for in NASA? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Aeronautics ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What was the name of the world's first man-made satellite launched by the USSR in 1957? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Sputnik I ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Actor Starred Alongside Elizabeth Taylor In The Film "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof"? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Paul Newman ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Who Reputedly SaidLet Them Eat Cake? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Marie Antoinette ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Hymn Is Traditionally Sung At The FA Cup Final? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: The Observer ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: The last film made was Carry On Columbus? Who played the role of Christopher Columbus? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Jim Dale ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Who had Sticky Moments on tour? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Julian Clary ↔◊↔◊↔

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